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Kuznetsov Artem

Chairman of the board of directors of GUTA-Development company

Artem Kuznetsov: BIM technologies in construction will help buyers in choosing apartments


art_kuznetsovBIM technologies in construction will help customers to choose apartments even on the project stage. This was stated by the Chairman of the board of directors of Guta-Development company, Artem Kuznetsov.

“We are actively exploring and trying to introduce BIM technology. Although it is not developed in the Russian Federation, it is actively supported by our IT-companies, which have made a large number of modifications for this platform. A certain number of designers are already working with BIM tech. As soon as the demand for apartments gradually moves to apartments in finished condition, the question of how to present it to a buyer, as long as they are not yet built, is very acute. I saw with my own eyes how these technologies work, I even tried to travel around the apartment – it creates the participation presence. This is a technology of augmented reality. A man sees the panorama from the window, and all the furniture and layout – it really real,” noted Kuznetsov.

According to him, BIM allows you to visualize all the elements, systems and structures of a building in 3D-format. As a result, it is possible to avoid remakes, saving time for implementation of a project, reduce the cost of construction and further operation of constructed facilities.

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