Leonid Kazinets: 61% of entrepreneurs recognize progress in lowering administrative barriers


kazinets2Road map “Improving business climate in construction sector” was approved by the Russian Government in August 2012. Since then, a number of legislative initiatives have been implemented, they aimed at supporting the construction industry,” says Leonid Kazinets, Executive chairman of the Barkli corporation, President of the National Association of Property Developers.

“All this work helped to achieve significant progress in lowering administrative barriers and reducing approval procedures,” stresses the expert.

He points out that 61% of entrepreneurs recognize that the situation has improved over the past two years.

“However, there are problems that have not yet been resolved. For example, there have not been created the tax mechanism to stimulate introduction into use the land plots designated for development,” adds Leonid Kazinets.

To his opinion, it is necessary to endow regional authorities with more freedom in making economic decisions, and there is also important to generate fierce motivation to support the business, and especially small and medium-sized businesses.

“Every local official should be vitally interested in making his territory more attractive for investors than any other,” concludes Leonid Kazinets.