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Lepihina Elena

Head of the Unified Contact Center

Unified  contact center constantly in connection with developers


The Unified Contact Center (UCC) of the Moscow Construction Complex opened in March 2017. In its structure, there is a reference and consulting service that considers appeals from residents and developers on all issues related to construction in the city. Representatives of development companies quite actively use the advice of the UCC.

“Basically, they are concerned about the design of this or that urban planning documentation, many issues related to the design of the land, there are requests for advice on obtaining various permits,” said the head of the UCC Elena Lepikhina.

Moreover, no appeal remains unanswered. In addition, contact center specialists constantly receive feedback from developers on the usefulness of various consultations.

“We clearly monitor the effectiveness of our work, the number of issues resolved on complaints from developers. Even if we cannot help immediately and answer the question, the specialists take the caller’s contacts, receive the necessary certificate, and then redirect the answer to the applicants” added Elena Lepikhina.

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