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Litinetskaya Maria

Managing partner "Metrium Group"

For the development of the industry it is necessary to actualize construction standards


For the further development of the construction industry, taking into account changes in legislation, as well as the appearance on the market of new technologies and materials, it is necessary to adjust building codes and regulations (SNiP), believes Maria Litinetskaya, a partner of the CBRE partner network, at Metrium, managing partner.

“Changing building codes is a serious and difficult task, the quality of implementation of which will affect the life and health of citizens. Haste in this matter is inappropriate. At the same time, it is important to make decisions in a dialogue with developers who, like no one else, are better aware of all the problems” the expert notes.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin during the media forum of the All-Russian Popular Front in Sochi stated the need for changes in pricing in construction and building codes and regulations. Instructions for the development of relevant proposals given to the Government of Russia.

Source: Echo Moskvi

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