Experts' opinion

Lopez Maria

Project Manager at the MVRDV Archbureau (Netherlands)

BIM increases the efficiency of construction projects


The concept of BIM – technologies will be fixed in the Urban Development Code by the end of the year, the Ministry of Construction reported. This should help work to reduce administrative barriers and strengthen the interaction between project participants. Specialists in different countries already use BIM technology and note the various advantages of this approach.

“I don’t have exact figures, but based on our experience, I can say that here, in Europe, we increasingly receive requests from private and state clients for the implementation of BIM in our projects. BIM allows you to more efficiently adjust projects by interacting with clients, consultants and experts in real time. A higher level of interaction, a higher level of modeling, higher efficiency with an overall reduction in costs – these are the key advantages of the technology”, said Maria Lopez, project manager at the architectural bureau of MVRDV (Netherlands).


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