Lyubov Tsvetkova: Lowering administrative barriers saves time for developers


tsvetkova2Transfer of state services to electronic format significantly simplifies administrative procedures and at the same time it has a positive impact saving the city budget and the budget of the members of the construction market, said Lyubov Tsvetkova, the Chairman of the Board, Association of Investors of Moscow (AIMOS).

“Today almost all the state services related to construction industry can be obtained via the Internet. It’s not only making them as transparent as possible, but also minimizes personal contact of developers and officials,” noted Lyubov Tsvetkova.

In her opinion it is a real time saver for obtaining necessary documents. “Of course, transfer of state services to electronic format does not mean that the problem of administrative barriers is solved completely,” stressed the expert.

However, it is encouraging that the authorities of Moscow are actively working in this direction, concluded Lyubov Tsvetkova.