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Mamaev Oleg

Президент АО «Лидер-Инвест»

Oleg Mamaev: The legislation concerning complex construction should be updated


Legislative acts regulating the issues of complex development territories, from the point of view of developers, need serious improvement, said Oleg Mamaev, president of Leader Invest, in a comment to RBC Nedvizimost

– Of the key industry issues, I note the need to finalize the legislation in terms of implementing projects for the integrated development of the territory. The rule “one object – one permission” creates unnecessary administrative barriers for the implementation of large-scale complex projects.

It is also necessary to continue the work on the transition of the housing construction sector to project financing. It is the banks as professional participants in the investment process that are able to analyze and evaluate both the developer himself: his reputation, experience, reliability, financial, personnel and production resources, and the prospects of his residential project. The transition to project financing is a move towards a more professionalization of the industry and more control by professional participants.

As a Moscow developer I will note the positive result of programs for improvement and development of the urban environment. The city complex develops infrastructure, public spaces, parks and squares, and we, as developers, take an active part in this process of balanced development of the city and the formation of a uniform quality living environment. With the submission of the Ministry of Construction of Russia, similar processes have now received momentum in other regions.

Among the directions that can become a priority for the Ministry of Construction in the coming years is the systematization of the use of digital technologies in design and construction, the implementation of the principles of a “smart city”, focused on the final resident, his comfort and high quality of life.

Source: RBC Nedvizimost

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