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Nechitailenko Vsevolod

BIMTeam project manager at PIK Project

BIM lets designers work from home


For many years, large developers have been using BIM technologies to organize the remote work of designers and other specialists. This allows not only organizing joint work on the object of the best specialists from different cities, but also completing projects faster and exchanging experience in the process, said VIMOLOD Nechitailenko, project manager at BIMTeam at PIK Project.

“In 2018, we launched the BIMTeam project and assembled a team of professionals in the field of design for information building modeling technologies. The uniqueness of the project is that it allows talented designers from the regions to work from home, using the infrastructure and PIK solutions, and be in the same information space. Thus, design is faster and better. For two years we managed to create the necessary conditions for a comfortable and efficient work of employees from home. To organize an effective workflow, we use VDI technology with 3D support – virtual workstations are created on the servers, which can be connected from anywhere. “We continue to accumulate the experience of remote work, improve tools and communication channels with employees on the remote,” said Vsevolod Nechitailenko.

Source: TechExpert

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