Experts' opinion

Nechitailenko Vsevolod

BIMTeam project manager at PIK Project

BIM saves at to 90% of harmonization time


Unification of processes and base of elements during work with BIM model help developers to cut time for design and internal procedures, Vsevolod Nechitaylenko, Head of the project BIMTeam at PIK-project, said.

“Thanks to BIM timeframe for design in construction is cut up to 20%, coordination and harmonization timeframe up to 90%. It is essential to understand that BIM technologies have different application. For some people collision check is important, for others – statement of supplies, somebody wants to have automated change of blueprints variety. We use BIM as broad as possible. We understand that for small companies these are pretty tough technologies at the moment. But as a design company we implement a huge amount of housing design, these approaches, standardization, elements base give a significant effect”, – the expert clarifies.

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