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Nikiforov Sergey

Chief Engineer at Multifunctional Complex “Lakhta Center”

Sergey Nikiforov: Moscow authorities are set to further liberalization of construction sector


Administrative barriers in the Russian construction industry is one of the main constraints to increasing the volume of construction and introducting of innovation, considers Sergey Nikiforov, chief engineer of the project  “Lakhta center”.

“In 2012, in terms of “Dealing with Construction Permits” Russia ranked 178th out of 183. And in 2016, according to the Doing Business global ranking, Russia is already on the 119th position. However, developers have to get through 19 procedures and 244 days to get a construction permit,” said Sergey Nikiforov.

The Chief Engineer of “Lakhta Center” project noted that comprehensive analysis of innovations in the field of state regulation and lowering administrative barriers indicate the mood of the Moscow authorities in further liberalization of construction sector.

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