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Nikitin Andrey

CEO of the Agency For Strategic Initiatives
In 2001, he graduated from the State University of Management (Moscow). In 2008, he received an EMBA degree of the internationally accredited Stockholm School of Economics. In 2002-2011 he worked at the RUSKOMPOZIT Group, unifying Russian biggest companies in the fiberglass, composites and geosynthetics industries. Andrey Nikitin held different executive positions at the group, since 2009 he became General Director of «RUSKOMPOZIT Management Company» OJSC
Since July 27th, 2011 he has been working as General Director of a non-profit organization Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI).
Member of the Presidential Council on Economic Modernization and Innovative Development of Russia.
Member of the Presidential Economic Council.
Member of the Presidential Commission on State Service and Senior Executives Candidates Pool.
Member of the Supervisory Council of the Single-industry Cities Development Fund and the Industry Development Fund.
Board member of the Federal Corporation for SME Development.
Received a Ph.D. in Economics.
Andrey Nikitin was awarded a second-class medal of the Order of Merit for the Motherland
He also received a personal note of acknowledgement from the President of the Russian Federation.