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Nikitin Andrey

CEO of the Agency For Strategic Initiatives

Andrey Nikitin: developers made it easier to connect to power supply networks


nikitin-150x150Nowadays developers have got easier access to power supply networks, said CEO of the Agency For Strategic Initiatives, Andrey Nikitin.

“For example, now a meter check can be done via notification procedure when connecting objects of 150 kW. If you have a cafe you can now connect to the power grid in two or three months, paying two visits to the supply company in Moscow,” noted Andrey Nikitin.

He also noted that after transferring state services to e-format small businesses have less demand for accountants.

“It became much easier to maintain and submit tax accounts: now companies can do it electronically. These things affect the country’s position in the Doing Business ranking,” said Andrey Nikitin.

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