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Obuhanich Daromir

First Deputy Director General, GC MIC

Daromir Obuhanich: it becomes easier to get construction permits


It became easier and faster to obtain state services due to the reforms implemented by the executive authorities of the city of Moscow in the field of transferring state services to electronic format. This was voiced by the First Deputy Director General, GC MIC, Daromir Obuhanich.

“The procedure of issuing construction permits has been simplified. You can apply for in via the one-stop shop service, or the website of Mosgosstroynadzor, or on the Portal of state services of Moscow,” says Daromir Obuhanich.

According to him, the city together with the business community is working on a daily basis for upgrading the ways of interaction, which greatly affects the improvement of the investment climate. But at the same time unresolved issues are still here.

“One of the most important is the need to identify and consider the problematic issues in the field of property and land relations and urban development activities, as well as to simplify the procedure for transfer of social facilities and utilities to the city,” added Daromir Obuhanich.

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