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Obuhanich Daromir

First Deputy Director General, GC MIC

Daromir Obuhanich: processing documents becomes clearer


Effort aimed at lowering administrative barriers in construction is headed in the right direction, said First Deputy Director General, GC MIC  Daromir Obuhanich.

“The terms and number of approval procedures are reduced. It is very important for developers, who are restricted by fixed terms of project implementation and have certain obligations to the equity holders. Six years ago, developers spent more than 1.5 years on administrative procedures, now this period was reduced to one year and almost reached its minimum,” noted the expert.

Among implicit advantages of e-document flow Obuhanich noted the avoidance of any personal contacts, which reduces corruption factor at the stage of issuing permits.

“Another logical and correct decision is to provide the payment of installments to the city budget the fee for the lifting of the ban on construction. Before that in order to lift the ban, developers had to pay 80% of the cadastral value of the land. It ultimately amounted to a substantial sum, which influenced the final cost of housing. The option not to pay the whole amount at once, but to pay by installments has greatly facilitated the work of developers,” concluded First Deputy Director General, GC MIC  Daromir Obuhanich.

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