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Obuhanich Daromir

First Deputy Director General, GC MIC

Daromir Obukhanich: development of the sector needs the joint work of business and power


A comprehensive approach and joint work of business and government will not only keep the pace of construction at the current level, but also develop the industry, regardless of the economic situation in the country. Such an opinion was expressed to the portal of RBC-Real Estate by the general director of GC “MITs” Daromir Obukhanich.

“The next six years of work of the Ministry of Construction for most players are marked by the inevitable transformation of the market and the industry as a whole. Today we understand how important is the weighting of each step taken. A shaky economic situation, reflecting the market situation, and changes in legislation cannot affect the development of the industry. Today, we must take seriously the work and participation of the financial sector in the formation of a new, supportive environment for the real estate market. An integrated approach involving the state and proper regulatory policies will not only enable us to withstand the influence of external economic factors, but also develop capacities, increasing the rate of growth” he said.

The expert noted that the development of a set of actions aimed at providing residential microdistricts with the necessary infrastructure, the development of mortgage lending and simplification of the administrative procedures are important tasks that must be solved for the effective development of the construction industry.

Source: RBK Nedvizimost

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