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Orlov Mikhail

IT director of the TsDS Group

Digital systems save a business 20-50% of time for project implementation


In the construction industry, as well as in all other areas, active work is underway to digitize processes. Digital technologies allow you to optimize many procedures and save developers a significant amount of time to implement the project.

“The economic effect from the introduction of digital systems is very noticeable – optimization is about 40%. The main contribution here is made by the BIM design system. Saving time depending on the type of product is different: for example, for design it is 30%, in the context of other products the plug is between 20-50%, ”said the IT director of the TsDS Group, Mikhail Orlov.

The expert noted that digitalization also helps to curb the appreciation of the final product and redistribute the saved resources to improve the quality of construction.

“For example, digital products allowed us, without sacrificing quality, to optimize 40 million rubles in one of our latest projects only in the underground parking. We could fully take into account this optimization in profit, but we decided to make further investments in the object in order to make it more convenient and comfortable. The consumer thus received bonuses that he did not initially count on”, said Mikhail Orlov

Source: RBK

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