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Polidy Tatiana

Head of division “Real Estate Market” of the Fund of the Institute for Urban Economics

Tatiana Polidy: the Nine Steps Initiative will inspire small and medium-sized business


The so called Nine Steps Initiative of the Moscow government on facilitating procedures in construction of low-rick facilities has a positive impact on the investment activity of small and medium-sized business, said Executive Director of the Fund “Institute of Urban Economics” Tatiana Polidi.

“The concept of a simplified control in low-risk construction projects was inserted in the Construction Code at the time of its adoption. Additional steps in this area have repeatedly been made by the Russian government, for example, when adopting the regulation “On exhaustive list in housing development”. However, different cities still have many administrative procedures, and not all of them seek to optimize this list. On this background Moscow looks like a positive exception: the city authorities really strive to increase transparency and facilitate the procedure for completing the procedure,” says the expert.

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