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Polidy Tatiana

Head of division “Real Estate Market” of the Fund of the Institute for Urban Economics

Tatyana Polidi: Administerial environment in the construction market of Moscow is improving


Over the past five years the Moscow construction complex has changed dramatically – both in terms of decision-making quality on urban policy and in terms of productivity measures, states the Head of the division of “Real Estate Market” of the Fund of the Institute for Urban Economics Tatyana Polidi.

“In all countries of the world the construction sector of economy is regulated by the state, this fact explains the presence of administrative barriers. The task is to minimize such barriers, eliminate excessive regulation, and to simplify the form of processing documents, such as obtaining permits and approvals, “– said Tatyana Polidi.

At the same time, she noticed that business makes quite high demands on the development of online services.

“Therefore reducing the number of direct contacts between the developer and government agencies will enhance the availability of services, and reduce the time and cost for both the business and the state”, – added the representative of the Fund.

Tatyana Polidi also considers important to spread the word about the implementation of the recent reforms and changes in completing procedures to the companies involved in construction industry of the city. “For successful implementation of administrative reforms it is vital to get feedback from business – it is important to understand what reforms prove themselves and what else can be improved”, – she added.

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