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Lyabikhov Roman

The general director of GK «Atlant» Roman Lyabikhov

Roman Lyabihov: procedure for submission of application and receipt of documents in Moscow becomes more transparent


The transfer of state services in construction into an electronic form has resulted in several improvements, the general director of the Atlant Group Roman Lyabikhov said in an interview with the portal “Building is easy”.

“The transfer of state services into electronic form has led to several improvements. First, the time for obtaining the necessary permits and approvals has been reduced. For example, the conclusion on the conformity of the object (AIA) of construction can now be obtained twice as fast as when the documents were submitted in paper form. At the same time the terms of the service are fixed in the personal account.

Secondly, the procedure for applying for and receiving documents has become more transparent. All the necessary information on which documents must be submitted, the rules for processing appeals, etc., can be found on the same site of government services. In addition, in some cases, you can get the result in an electronic form, protected by a digital signature, and do without visiting the MFC at all, “he said.

In addition, he said, additional “barriers” disappeared in the chain of obtaining documentation. Previously, the human factor played a role. Now the subjective view has disappeared from the chain in the form of possible comments from the employee who receives the package of documents. Now all appeals are taken autonomously, directly through the state services portal. In this case, the application is accepted in the presence of the minimum required set of documents, and in case of refusal, its motives are clearly formulated with references to the norms of the law.

And, finally, fourthly, noted Roman Lyabikhov, for filing an appeal, you do not need to repeatedly go somewhere, print and copy a bunch of documents, stand in line, adjust to the mode of the “service” window. Now the application can be submitted online from a convenient place for you and at any convenient (including non-business) time. Also, in your personal account on the portal, you can check the status of the application at any time – for this you no longer need to call or go anywhere. In addition, on the portal of state services in the personal cabinet, the documents previously submitted are retained, so when you apply again, they do not need to be submitted again. And it is very convenient and saves a lot of time.

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