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Lyabikhov Roman

The general director of GK «Atlant» Roman Lyabikhov

Roman Lyabikhov: Amendments in the urban planning code will significantly facilitate work for developers


Ministry of Construction proposed amendments in the Urban Planning Code that will let visit a construction site before getting a construction permit, will help developers at the initial phase of construction and will prevent some possible difficulties, – said Roman Lyabihov, CEO of the groups of companies “Atlant”.

“This innovation will let developers prepare better for start of projects, identify in advance unexpected difficulties which can emerge in the beginning of construction and find ways to solve them. After accomplishing work of the “zero phase” in advance and getting a construction permit, a developer will be able to begin an active phase of housing construction. Therefore, at start point construction dynamics in most cases will be higher than in case if preparation starts only after getting a construction permit, it can have a positive effect on developers’ sales, – noted Roman Lyabihov.

In his opinion, as a whole, authorities reduce administrative barriers in construction actively. “Among recent positive innovations it is worth mentioning transfer of public services to electronic format. It reduced term of receiving construction permits, agreements and simplified the application process making it more transparent and convenient. Besides, a number of additional barriers, which could delay approval of documents due to subjective reasons, disappeared. Those barriers created additional difficulties for developers and had a negative impact on projects’ implementation period”, – said Lyabihov.

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