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Lyabikhov Roman

The general director of GK «Atlant» Roman Lyabikhov

Roman Lyabikhov: main problems arise during the work with monopolies


During the connection to networks main problems dor developers arise during the work with monopolies that negatively affects on timeframes of construction. It was told by the general director of GK «Atlant» Roman Lyabikhov in interview to «Building is easy»

The main problems arise when working with monopolies. In particular, in our project “Lobnya City” we agreed to allocate gas to the gas boiler house with a monopolist for more than three years, while under the contract the term is specified for two years. Now all the issues have been resolved, but due to the fact that it took much longer than planned, we were forced to postpone the delivery of houses. With local enterprises, for example, a vodokanal, to work, of course, is easier. Difficulties mostly arise from monopolists, since the results are always unpredictable, – said Lyabikhov.

According to him reducing administrative barriers in construction, of course, simplifies the work of developers. All sorts of bureaucratic delays take a lot of time and resources from the developer. In addition, lengthy approvals often adversely affect construction schedules, which means that the developer has to either make up for lost time overtime or postpone the delivery of houses. A violation of the timing, in addition to the natural negative reaction of equity holders, leads to the payment of penalties and an increase in the expenditure side of the entire project. Therefore, I believe that the reduction of administrative barriers, this is an absolute plus for the industry – developers must concentrate their resources directly on construction, and not on the solution of various bureaucratic delays, – said Roman Lyabikhov

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