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Rozova Yana

Journalist of Echo of Moscow

Moscow supports complex development of the territory


Moscow is implementing a policy of integrated development of the territories, including the territories of former industrial zones, which will be transformed in the interests of citizens and the development of the economy. The city actively attracts investors to redevelopment projects, for which comfortable working conditions are created, said Yana Rozova, an Echo of Moscow journalist.

“The land use rules of the development included information on 47 sites located in 17 production zones. There will be built and industrial production, and residential buildings, with all the necessary social infrastructure. The pilot projects of development are quite large-scale, and the Moscow government is offering owners, investors and developers new support mechanisms. Among them, the coordination of investment projects, reducing the costs of doing business, and the removal of administrative barriers. The authorities continue to work on optimizing procedures, developing online services, and electronic services”, said Yana Rozova

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