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Sagiryan Stanislav

Development Director, RKS Development Group

Creation of a single state customer will change project management


Developers assess the initiative to combine the functions of a state customer for the construction of infrastructure facilities on the basis of the Ministry of Construction of Russia as progressive. Representatives of the construction industry believe that this will reduce the construction time of facilities in the regions and prevent unfinished construction.

“The presence of such a customer will allow for reform in this area both at the legislative and management levels, and will also help to standardize procedures for the selection of contractors, financing and construction management. If this initiative is followed by legislative consolidation of the procedure for financing these objects, uniform rules for the regions, then it is generally excellent, ”says Stanislav Sagiryan, Development Director of RKS Development Group. “Now each region is devising its own rules for financing the construction of social facilities, including trying to shift the cost of construction and installation work onto developers, which in most regions of Russia makes housing projects unprofitable.”

Source: RBC

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