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Saltane Valentina

Member of the Doing Business team, World Bank

Valentine Saltane: electronic systems help to keep up with best practices


saltaneThis year, Russia stands out for positive reforms in the field of obtaining construction permits: number of procedures has decreased, said Valentina Saltane, the World Bank expert.

She noted that now Russia resides on 115th position. “However, we hope that in the future this position will be improved,” said Valentina Saltane. This year Russia has become one of the European and Central Asian countries, which did most reforms, including simplifying the procedure for issuing construction permits, she said.

But reform on ensuring implementation of contracts, which introduced mandatory pre-court settlement of disputes, had a negative impact, she said.

“The result is that 30 days were added to settle the dispute between the two parties,” she added.

According to Valentina Saltane, in the current ranking there were no such significant changes in methodology, as it was last year. “We have expanded one indicator – taxation, in which we included procedures after the company paid taxes (postfiling). For example, we estimate the process of the tax audit, the process of VAT recovery,” said the expert.

Regarding the taxation sector, including the procedure of tax audit and the return of value-added tax, Russia and other countries of Europe and Central Asia showed good results as they use electronic systems and up-to-date practices for that. “Russia’s position in taxation is 45th,” Saltane added.


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