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Schaffer Martin

Managing Director and CEO, PPF Real Estate Russia
Martin Schaffer is Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director at PPF Real Estate Russia.
He has been Head of Legal Support and Business Protection Department at Home Credit and Finance Bank in Moscow, LLC since 2007 and as its Deputy Chairman of the Management Board since August 27, 2009.
Schaffer was generally responsible for legal maintenance and protection of HCFB. Mr. Schaffer served as General Secretary at PPF Investments Ltd and as Project Manager at PPF a.s. He served as Adviser to the Board of Home Credit and Finance Bank LLC. He originally joined HCFB in August 2006 as Counsel to the Management Board.
From 2000 to 2005, he worked at TV NOVA as Head of Legal Department. He served as Head of Legal Department at CET 21 Ltd. He has been a Director of Joint Stock Company Polymetal since September 2008.
He served on the Boards of TV Nova and CET 21 Ltd.
Schaffer graduated from Charles University (Prague) with degrees in Jurisprudence and Medicine and practiced otolaryngology at the university’s hospital.