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Shapochka Ekaterina

Partner, Advisory, Government & Public Sector leader at PwC Russia

Ekaterina Shapochka: Russia simplifies the control and monitoring functions


ShapochkaRevocation of 5 administrative procedures in construction in Moscow and 6 in St. Petersburg, that is a quarter of what was presented in the results of the last year, is a good indicator, says Ekaterina Shapochka, Partner, Advisory, Government & Public Sector leader at PwC Russia.

According to her, the terms and cost of approvals were also reduced.

“It should be understood that this result reflects the implementation of the reforms carried out before 2016. First of all we are talking about facilitation of state construction supervision for objects which are not required to obtain an expert opinion of design documentation,” noted Ekaterina Shapochka.

At the same time, according to the expert, reduction of the number of state inspections at various design and construction stages and increase of responsibility of builders, designers, contractors and SROs, testifies that Russia is moving in the global trend towards simplification of control and supervisory functions.

“In addition, the reforms that have been implemented in Russia in 2016, including in terms of a simplified procedure for cadastral accounting, changes in the composition GPZU, cancel orders GATI in St. Petersburg, as well as increasing customer focus services, translation into electronic form will contribute to the growth of Russia’s position in the World Bank “Doing Business” in “dealing with construction permits,” – added Ekaterina Shapochka.

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