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Shcherbina Gennady

President of the Etalon Group

The developer told about using BIM as a risk management tool


Gennady Shcherbina, president of the Etalon Group, during a meeting with the Ministry of Construction on Digital Technologies, spoke about the real experience of developers in using BIM technologies using an example of a residential complex built using the information model.

“This allowed us to unite all participants and all stages of the project in a single information environment, reduce the time for design and construction, and after the completion of construction we will be able to transfer to the operating organization an electronic passport of the object with an exhaustive amount of information for each element of the building,” said Gennady Shcherbina.

During the project, the company used the BIM model as a tool for risk management, construction control and labor protection. Using an information model, specialists could create virtual construction plans that reflect the time and cost of each stage of work. In the future, the developer plans to introduce BIM in the operation of the complex in order to manage the facility fully in digital format.

The Etalon Group has already applied the gained experience in the design of social facilities. “We expect the completion of the state examination of two social facilities – two kindergartens in St. Petersburg, which the Etalon Group for the first time passes entirely on the basis of the BIM model,” added Gennady Shcherbina.

Source: Moskovskaya perspektiva

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