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Sidorov Arsenty

CEO of Sci-Tech Center Etalon

Digitalization of construction – the basic vector of next years


Russian developers believe that the transition to digital technologies in construction will become the main direction of development of the industry in the coming years.

“If in 2012-2013 only individual business representatives were involved in the implementation, today the state has joined this issue, which coordinates and promotes this process. And business is not just practicing the use of digital technologies, they are required to use them”, reflects Arsenty Sidorov, General Director of the Etalon Scientific and Technical Center (part of the Etalon Group).

The expert notes that companies in Moscow and St. Petersburg remain the undoubted leaders in the process of implementing digital technologies.

“Promoting innovation in the regions, as well as increasing the efficiency of using already implemented digital tools in companies, it seems to me, is the main vector of the next years”, said Arsenty Sidorov.

Source: Construction News Agency

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