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Max Smetannikov: foreign investors can literally invest in Moscow with nine web clicks


smetannikov“There is a revitalization of foreign interest in Russia that is being driven by the unprecedented reforms to regional level bureaucracy; foreign investors can literally invest in Moscow with nine web clicks, according to the chairwoman of the Moscow Investors Association, Lubov Tsvetkova. Russia has reintroduced itself to the world construction community as a willing partner, and the world has responded by making the country a partner in many new developments and regulatory matters,” says Max Smetannikov, CEO of MVG.

“For instance, Moscow has recently been tapped to serve as a pilot region for new building information modeling technologies. Russia will also participate in many new standard construction projects of the International Organization for Standardization. The result will be cutting edge technologies and plenty of international subsidies coming into the country with very little investment required by Russia itself.

Local construction applications exploded on the news of these new initiatives; the Russian construction industry was the first to recognize just how much money new tech could bring into the market. The government was smart enough to realize that it could move the competition to expand Russia into the international construction community. The ducks are now aligned to start another real estate boom,” concludes Max Smetannikov.

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