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Svoyavol Jan

The marketing director of Glavstroy St. Petersburg

Information technologies are become more and more actual in the development


Many developers are already using BIM – technologies in design and construction. However, this process is not going as fast as, for example, in the banking business or the telecommunications industry. According to the marketing director of Glavstroy St. Petersburg, Jan Svoyavol, new technologies are being integrated unevenly in the development market.

“In Moscow and St. Petersburg, developers are increasingly transforming their business processes based on digital innovations. However, the high cost of software and high-quality information modeling, as well as the lack of personnel in this area limit the range of companies that can afford to work in BIM, ”said the marketing director.

“In the near future, we plan to make a full transition to creating three-dimensional information models of designed objects without increasing the time for issuing project documentation,” says Jan Svoyavolya. BIM-technologies are useful not only in design, but also in their implementation directly on construction sites for monitoring the implementation and delivery of work. ”

In the company Glavstroy St. Petersburg, with the use of BIM, several residential buildings are being designed today, as well as social facilities in the residential complexes Yuntolovo and Severnaya Dolina.

Source: Business Petersburg

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