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Talapov Vladimir

Head of the Competence Center for the implementation of BIM-technologies of Russian Railways

BIM increases investor control and project efficiency


The use of BIM technologies does not make the project cheaper, but it allows to increase the efficiency of construction and operation and thereby brings economic benefits, said Vladimir Talapov, head of the Competence Center for the implementation of information modeling technology in Russian Railways, a member of the expert council of the All-Russian BIM contest.

“Information modeling allows you to establish a comprehensive investor and construction control at all stages of the life cycle of an object. That is, in simple terms, BIM does not allow to steal. Speaking about the benefits of BIM, they usually want to hear that something has become cheaper. But it should be understood that the transition to new technologies is always associated with additional costs. Therefore, it’s more correct to talk about the benefits after implementation, which is expressed in the growth of labor productivity, a new level of orders, increased profits and so on”, Vladimir Talapov explained.

According to the expert, in practice, construction companies introducing BIM in production processes, with an increase in project implementation costs by 2%, receive an increase in overall efficiency of 20%.

Source: Stroitelnaya gazeta

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