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Tikhonova Tatyana

General Director of "RG Development"

Tatyana Tikhonova: comprehensive development is possible with minimum administrative barriers


tikhonova“It is important that now developers who own large areas of the territory meant for comprehensive development will be able to implement their investment projects dealing with a minimum of administrative barriers,” says Tatyana Tikhonova, General Director of “RG Development”.

“For example, to conclude an agreement on comprehensive development with the city without a tender, to ensure the development of land planning documentation on their own, as well as to obtain land plots from the city for accommodation of social or infrastructural facilities for rent without an auction,” adds Tatyana Tikhonova.

The expert also notes that in addition, in accordance with the new legislation, if social or infrastructural facilities are located on the site of the developer, it would tax incentives or equivalent portion or reduced rent for the land can be provided.

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