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Tikhonova Tatyana

General Director of "RG Development"

Tatyana Tikhonova: e-document flow to simplify issuance of construction permits


tikhonovaThe procedure for issuance of construction permits has become easier due to introduction of electronic documents in the last year, considers Tatyana Tikhonova, General Director of “RG Development”.

She noted that after introduction of online mode, the term of their issuance has reduced from 30 to 14 days. Moreover a developer can send the application for getting the permit remotely from anywhere in the world.

“This means that employees will not waste time on personal visits to officials, while we know that the human resource is one of the most important for optimal management. Besides, now a developer can anytime track the progress of the application in his personal account. This is also a great virtue of electronic document flow,” added Tatyana Tikhonova.

According to the expert, the result of the work of the Moscow government on reduction of administrative barriers in construction is evident.

“In 2010, a developer spent 589 days to complete administrative procedures, now it takes about 360 days,” she said.

Tatyana Tikhonova believes that it is almost impossible to reduce this term even more, since it is necessary to perform research, design and pass the expert examination.

“Therefore, the savings can reach 1-2 months at most,” stressed the expert.

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