Experts' opinion

Tsvetkova Lyubov

Chairman of the Board, Association of Investors of Moscow (AIMOS)

Administrative reforms in moscow significantly reduced the risks for developers


The Moscow government has carried out large-scale reforms in the sphere of regulation of the construction industry, which significantly reduced the risks in the work of developers, says Lyubov Tsvetkova, chairman of the board of the Moscow Investors Association.

“This year, experts from the World Bank appreciated the large amount of changes that took place in Moscow. The developers have already felt the results of many reforms in full. This is the translation of all basic services in the urban development sphere into an electronic form, the approval of the Land Use and Development Rules, the inclusion of information on the technical conditions of connection to engineering networks and underground utilities and facilities in the GPZU. It really significantly reduces the risks when choosing a land plot and at the beginning of the project”, said Lyubv Tsvetkova.

However, the expert notes, the work in this direction should be continued. “Unfortunately, this does not guarantee that the developer during the construction process will not run into, say, an FSO cable, or another unaccounted network. There is also no guarantee that with full observance of the response time from the resource-supplying organization, the developer will satisfy its content. As before, the issues of removal of networks from the construction site are still outside the scope of the regulations”, Lyubov Tsvetkova emphasized.

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