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Tsvetkova Lyubov

Chairman of the Board, Association of Investors of Moscow (AIMOS)

Lyubov Tsvetkova: Developers really feel the reduction of administrative barriers in recent years


In current economic situation developers mention the decline in liquidity and profitability of construction in recent years. This is why the developers are focused on the reduction of costs. The reduction of administrative barriers in construction is significant move towards developers from the Moscow officials, says the Head of the Moscow Investors Association Lyubov Tsvetkova

«For the first time in 15 years we are in the situation when every penny invested in the projects counts. The margin is not so high and we are trying to safe as much as we can. What are administrative barriersIt is a waste of time and as a consequence the loss of money because of wages, the costs of extra services and as the result the increase of cost price.

In our view Moscow does a lot for the reduction of administrative barriers in recent years. Although, as long as I remember myself in this sphere, we always talk about administrative barriers. But lately developers really feel positive changes”.

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