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Ursua Igor Orelyana

Technical Director, SiSoft Development

Automation of processes helped companies to go to home offices  


The transition to a remote mode of operation was fairly easy for companies that automated their processes. For example, the SiCoft group of companies developing computer-aided design systems, as well as programs for working in BIM and technical workflow, was able to quickly put all employees into self-isolation mode and provided this opportunity to their partners, said Igor Arelyana Ursua, Executive and Technical Director of Sea Development.

“The transition to the“ home office ”mode of operation was quite easy because our company has been practicing for a long time and provides its employees with the possibility of remote work. But the most important is the fact that the automation of design based on our Model Studio CS software showed excellent readiness for working in remote mode. Some companies using this software sent engineers and standard control services to their homes, making it possible to work from home with the CADLib Model and Archive information systems connected to the central repositories and TDMS technical document management systems”, said Igor Orelyana Ursua.

Source: TechExpert

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