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Koshelev Vladimir

The member of council of All-Russian company «Business Russia»

Vladimir Koshelev: the reduction of administrative barriers in construction is the number one goal.


The legislative base for construction sphere is actively developed in regions. The significant improvements have been done in reform of procedure of construction of networks told the member of council of All-Russian company «Business Russia» Vladimir Koshelev

“The goals are clear: the reduction of administrative barriers, the improvement of legislation in construction. First achievements in this sphere have already be done.  For instance we have worked on regional legislation and cancelled the permit for construction of networks that has improved the procedure. Now we can build networks (water supply, water sewage and electricity) at the moment of acts on land plot registration issuance without the need to wait the permit for housing construction. It speeds up the process of construction by several times and people can get their apartments quicker”, – told the expert.

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