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Voronin Vladimir

Президент ФСК «Лидер»

Vladimir Voronin: changes in the industry should be gradual


Developers are forced to adapt the strategy of behavior in the market to a changing legal framework. Therefore, it is important that legislative initiatives in the construction sector are introduced gradually and be understandable for market players, said Vladimir Voronin, president of FGC “Leader” in the comment of RBC Nedvizimost

“Planning horizon in the development and construction of residential real estate is quite long. From the time of buying a developer’s site to settling people into new homes, it takes about five to six years. Therefore, all the changes in the industry should occur gradually and be aimed at clear tasks. Recently, several legislative initiatives have been announced and adopted, which should fundamentally change the scheme of work in the real estate market, solve the problem of the appearance of defrauded co-investors, make the developer’s money more transparent. The largest players in the market began to adapt their strategies to the new rules. This means that for the market it is important to continue the planned course, without sharp movements, “- said Vladimir Voronin.

Source: RBC Nedvizimost


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