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Volkov Dmitry

Public official of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in Moscow

Dmitry Volkov: electronic document flow is a breakthrough in construction industry


volkovdAn excavation order can now be obtained in a week, certificate of compliance of a constructed facility to the requirements of the project is ready in five days. This was reported by the public official of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Dmitry Volkov.

“E-document flow is considered to be another breakthrough in construction industry. This means that the builders are now done with camping on the doorsteps of various state agencies,” said Dmitry Volkov.

Earlier he noted that the reduction of administrative barriers will allow developers to predict the terms of their projects with a high degree of accuracy.

“Prior to that, entering a project we never know what will happen at the end, what will be the production cost, will we be able to make profit or not. Now, given the fact that the process is almost regulated, it is possible to calculate,” said Dmitry Volkov.

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