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Volkov Dmitry

Public official of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in Moscow

Dmitry Volkov: Moscow improved its position in World Bank ranking due to reduction of administrative procedures


Advance of Moscow in the Doing Business ranking in terms of “Dealing with Construction Permits” took place due to reducing the number of administrative procedures, informed the public representative of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Dmitry Volkov.

“In fact the Russian Federation rose to 4th position in the ranking. The measurement is done in two cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg with a weight ratio of 70/30. It could be more if the World Bank experts have not considered that the number of points in the «Quality control and security mechanisms» section has decreased. In other words, the World Bank experts considered that if the number of procedures decreased the quality control and the safety of construction will inevitably fall. However, it does not reflect the actual situation, as soon as the strategy is to remove administrative barriers represented by redundant procedures without compromising security and control, which are of great importance in our country,” said Dmitry Volkov.

The expert expressed confidence in further increase of Moscow’s performance in the World Bank ranking.

“The work on lowering administrative barriers continues, and obviously there is room for improvement,” assured Dmitry Volkov.

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