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Voronkov Dmitry

Head of the Department of Monitoring Entrepreneurship Initiatives and Interaction with Business Associations of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI)

Dmitry Voronkov: Russia’s success in the rating Doing Business depends on 70% of moscow’s efforts


In Moscow, for several years, big work has been done to reduce administrative barriers in construction. The Ministry of Construction of Russia has recommended successful practice of the capital in translating state services in this sphere into electronic format for other regions of the Russian Federation.

“The results of the work of the Moscow mayor’s office to reduce administrative barriers in construction are very important for Russia’s position in the World Bank’s Doing Business ranking. At 70% success depends on Moscow”, said Dmitry Voronkov.

The expert also noted that in 2010-2016 in the direction “Obtaining construction permits”, Russia rose to 64 positions in the Doing Business. “The work of the Moscow government here is obvious: for the “reference facility” it was possible to reduce the number and cost of procedures (from 51 to 14) almost 3.5 times, and the time for obtaining a building permit (from 423 to 239 days), he said.

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