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Voskresensky Stanislav

Deputy Minister for Economic Development of the Russian Federation

Stanislav Voskresensky: business climate in Russia has improved over recent years


Over the recent years there have been achieved considerable results in improving the business climate, which is confirmed by international evaluation. In the World Bank’s survey ‘Doing Business’ for 2015 Russia moved up 11 positions in the world ranking (compared to 2014) to 51st place (out of 189 countries) continuing its 5-year positive dynamics in the ranking.

Positions were improved in 8 out of 10 ranked areas. Given that, the greatest progress was achieved in such areas as Getting Electricity, Dealing with Construction Permits, and Protecting Minority Investors. A working group to improve conditions for entrepreneurial activity was set up in February 2016 at the Government Commission for Economic Development and Integration chaired by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

The working group is developing target models based on the best international practice in order to secure further advance in the ranking and set up favorable conditions for doing business.  As to construction procedures, the work is ongoing to set up one-stop-shop services for developers taking into account Singapore experience, in Moscow as an electronic service while in St. Petersburg as an office for visits. A so-called ‘procedure calculator’ will be implemented consisting of interactive analytical services that demonstrate the sequence of undergoing a procedure in line with the project type and features.

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