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Wiener Anna

HR Director of Level Group

Developmeps need experts of “professions of the future”


Most of the top managers of construction companies and specialized officials believe that in order to further move the industry to a qualitatively new level, development professionals will need to learn new competencies, notes HR Director of the Level Group Anna Weiner.

“Innovative technologies are not so much creating new professions as they require the development of competencies from existing specialists of a development company. For example, the introduction of BIM-modeling did not require us to open a vacancy, say, a BIM-manager, but we invited experts in this matter, who conducted a whole course on information models for our designers and project teams. The corporate school of BIM-modeling helped to introduce the technology, as well as to attract specialists to the company who want to master it” explained Anna Wiener.

The expert also believes that in the near future, developers will need 3D programmers and 3D architects; in real estate sales, virtual reality designers (VR designers) will be able to create digital models of buildings, interiors, and landscapes.

“Another trend in the future will be green building, as today 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions are produced by buildings. The introduction of “green” technologies will require the presence of a resource efficiency engineer and experts on waste-free construction at the site. They minimize environmental damage from both the construction process and the future operation of the building” notes Anna Wiener.

Source: RBK

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