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Yakubov Sergey

Information Modeling Engineer "Giprogor Project"

Information models help governing cities


BIM models make it possible not only to control various processes within one building, but also to manage the urban environment as a whole. However, while the creation of “digital twins” for urban objects is a task for the future, says Sergey Yakubov, chief engineer for information modeling at the Urban Planning Institute for Spatial Modeling and Development “Giprogor Project”.

In Russian practice, according to the expert, there are almost no examples of complex integration of BIM and urban life support systems.

“Creation of digital twins with a large number of different sensors of the Internet of Things for us is a challenge for the future. And in the world practice there are successful cases, – says Sergey Yakubov. “With the help of the digital twin, the authorities can predict, for example, how the construction of a stadium will change the situation on the roads, due to the fact that a large number of different sensors are integrated into the information model and the level of automation is high.”

The expert noted that at the moment the integration of BIM and IoT (“Internet of Things”) is a complex and expensive process.

“This process, in my opinion, needs to be simplified and standardized, which will pave the way for a wider application of these technologies”, stressed Sergey Yakubov.


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