Experts' opinion

Yaroshenko Sergey

General Director of Management Company “KVS”

Developers see necessity to digitalize business processes


Working in unpredictable conditions connected with coronavirus pandemic, developers notice necessity to digitalize and optimize business processes as much as possible.

According to some experts, transfer of a significant communication with authorities and clients will become a trend in the nearest future for all companies and will help to reduce cost.

“To make business stable we have to work proactively, have financial cushion, analyze market, see trends in the very beginning. Last year KVC launched an online shop of apartments and now this service took 100% of sales because it is impossible to work offline at the moment. We did not have to adapt work in a hurry and redirect savings to installation of distant sales tools”, – Sergey Yaroshenko, General Director of Management Company KVS, said.

The expert also noted that transfer to project funding and escrow accounts was timely and helped developers to less depend on flow of funds from citizens and situational flow of demands.


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