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Zarenkov Vyacheslav

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Founding shareholder and President, Etalon Group

Vyacheslav Zarenkov: overcoming administrative barriers by replacing approval system by notifying one


We need to replace the existing approval system of implementing any project with notifying system, said Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of Etalon Group Vyacheslav Zarenkov.

“Today an official decides whether to allow an entrepreneur to implement a project, or to put it on hold or even not to issue a permit at all. In case of introducing a notifying system the influence of officials will be minimized. If an entrepreneur complies with all legal requirements in accordance with the current regulations and the examination authority verifies this compliance, he notifies the relevant state authorities and starts to implement his project. This innovation would significantly reduce corruption risks,” said Vyacheslav Zarenkov.

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