Sergey Levkin: administrative barriers reduce the profitability of the Real Estate

Administrative barriers reduce the profitability of any real estate, leading to higher prices for it, he told in an interview with the publication “Moscow Perspective”.


“The city’s leadership, Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, focused on reducing administrative barriers and regulating procedures. The translation of the whole cycle of government services into an electronic form is our main achievement, and this applies to all stages of construction, “he said.


According to him, the city also actively implements online services. Over the past year and a half, a set of convenient Internet-services for developers and designers has been developed. With their help, you can quickly obtain the information necessary to make decisions on investment and construction projects, and report on the existing difficulties that the developer is facing. This is the “Procedures Calculator”, the website “Justbuild”, “Interactive instructions for developers”.


“In March 2017, the contact center was launched. Last year, they provided a unique opportunity for investors to provide several services at once with one application submitted through the state services portal. We are talking about the inclusion of information on preliminary technical conditions for connection to water supply and wastewater networks and information from the consolidated plan of underground communications and facilities on the networks located within the boundaries of the land plot”, he said.


Source: “Moskovskaya perspektiva”