Online services have simplified construction

An active reform of administrative procedures is underway both in Moscow and at the federal level Electronic services have not been unusual for Moscow developers for several years now. Developers, using online services, connect to utility networks, issue permits, submit reports. According to a recent study by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public… Read more


The law on a single state customer in construction may be adopted by the end of the year The course to accelerate housing, infrastructure and transport construction requires consolidation of efforts at all stages of work and centralization of decision-making. In this regard, in August of this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government… Read more


FAIP is spent a quarter faster in 2020 The Ministry of Economy disclosed information on the results of financing the Federal Targeted Investment Program (FAIP) and spending budgetary allocations within the framework of federal target programs (FTP) for the first three quarters of 2020. Based on the ministry’s figures, at least in the open part… Read more

Moscow developers will be available one more online service by the end of the year

In December this year, Moscow developers will be given the opportunity to conclude additional agreements to connection agreements in an online format, Sergei Levkin, head of the Moscow Department of Urban Development Policy, said during an online briefing of Russia Today MIA on the topic “Key reforms in the construction sector: what the developers need… Read more

From adaptation to growth

The construction industry is prescribed intensive development The Russian government approved the final version of the national economic recovery plan. It includes 500 events, about a tenth of them are devoted to the short-term prospects for the development of the construction industry. The tasks set by the document are planned to be implemented in three… Read more

The future of the “Digital city” and change of the urban environment discussed at the “Open innovations” forum

On Monday, October 19, the Moscow International Forum for Innovative Development “Open Innovations” started, which in 2020 is being held completely online. One of the first sessions of the forum was the discussion “Digital City and Smart Development. How the urban environment will change thanks to new urban technologies ”, in which the Deputy Minister… Read more

Pandemia is not a barrier

Construction in Moscow does not slow down thanks to modern technologies Despite the coronavirus pandemic, which has complicated the economic situation around the world and introduced some restrictions to work processes, the Moscow construction industry is not slowing down, and residential real estate is being commissioned even slightly ahead of plans. The achievement of such… Read more