Demanded services: 90% of documents are submitted online in 2017


Moscow authorities conducted massive reforms of state services in construction in 2013. Application process became available online, which significantly simplify the work of Moscow developers. The demand for online services has risen in 3 years and today about of 90% applications are submitted in e-format. Moscow made a big step in optimization of providers of resources services.

“ More than 30 000 applications for state services were submitted last years, 25,5 thousand of them in e-format. Just in 3 years we have reached the high level of e-services demand, about 85% of all applications are submitted online”-, says the Head of the Moscow department of urban planning policy, Sergey Levkin.

According to Levkin the rise of the demand for electronic services is forecasted this year, because of the widening of the list of services available online.

“Beginning form last year the developers can make one application for GPZU together with technical conditions and connection to water supply and water disposal. We are planning to provide such opportunity for other networks too. We are working together with recourses’ providers to make it available for developers”,- says Sergei Levkin.

“I want to point out that during first quarter of 2017 online services still are preferred by developers: 90% of all applications (6629 out of 7378) are submitted online”

The communication with “Mosvodokanal” is has been established to organize provision of services in e-format. Company conducts  technological connection starting from second half of 2013. The key stages of connection are:

  • Application
  • Preparation of project documentation
  • Signing of the contract by both sides
  • Execution of technical connection

During the “Work on mistakes” seminars the Deputy head of technological connection in strategic development and connection department, Aleksei Avdonin stated that the connection of construction companies is based on applications with the list of documents.

“Application can be sent by any available channel including face-to-face. “Mosvodokanal” is  a client-oriented company, which tries to create remote channels for communication, that is why starting from the 1st of March 2016 online application via state services website is possible. This type of application allows to control all stages of contract preparation”, – says Aleksei Avdonin.

More than 4000 applications were submitted to “Mosvodokanal”. Applicant should provide a set of documents, which includes copies of constituent instruments, notarized copies of documents for land plot, situational plan of facilities, topographic map of the land plot in 1:500 scale, balance of water supply and water disposal, information on  composition and properties of sewage, information on construction terms and on the function of the facilitiy.

“Significant number of applications allow to name the most frequent mistakes”-, continues Avdonin. “ Frequently the application is submitted on behalf person of company, which is not a right holder of the land plot. The application can be made  by the power of attorney, or by design company but on behalf company which has rights for land plot. “

The representative of “Mosvodokanal” stressed out that the situation when applicant submit documents for which allows to submit application but not to sign the contract. Moreover, frequently title documents, which are submitted, are not notarized. This is a violation of Law.

“In case of correctness of documents the terms of contract preparation is no more than 30 days, when the standard tariff is applied (connected workload is no more than 250 square meters per day and there is no need for extra networks and organization of water connection  with the diameter more than 250 mm). In other cases the terms for the project of the contract is 10 days after the confirmation of  payment”- concluded the  the Deputy head of technological connection of “Mosvodokanal”

14 construction services are available online now. This type of application allows submission without long queues. The has been a positive dynamic of number of online applications every year. Starting from 2013 the percentage of online applications has increased by 73%.