The issuance of permits for the construction of housing will be available online in all cities of Russia


6th urban conference “Glazychev Readings”, dedicated to the memory of the Russian scientist and public figure, world-famous urbanist Vyacheslav Leonidovich Glazychev was held in Moscow on 16th of July.

The conference was attended by DOM.RF General Director Alexander Plutnik, Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov, Elena Zelentsova, Vice-President, Director for the Development of the Urban Environment of the Skolkovo Foundation, and others.

The main topic on the agenda was the digital strategies of urban space management, which change the practice of state and municipal government. Speakers of the conference discussed current trends in the development and management of urban space in the context of global digitalization, as well as the concept of “smart city” and the resources necessary for their implementation.

Alexander Plutnik said that today digital technologies are used in various areas of urban life – education, retail and even when buying a home in a mortgage.

“People choose their own housing without visiting the offices of realtors. The choice of apartments they make through the mobile application. In addition, there is an opportunity, although it has not yet been fully implemented, to obtain a mortgage without visiting the bank. Imagine how much time a person saves, who does not need to fill in forms, “said General Director of DOM.RF

According to him, it is important to use digital technologies in the sphere of issuing permits for housing construction, transferring this service into an electronic form.

“In Moscow, in my opinion, this work is done. I want to fix such decisions legislatively for all cities. Those cities that will rapidly develop digital technologies will begin to win in the global struggle for human capital, “said Alexander Plutnik.

The organizers of the Glazychev Readings are the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service (RASHiGS) and the Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences, with the support of DOM.RF. The partners of the conference were the Moscow Urban Forum and the Creative Industries Agency.

Source: National News Service